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The Sessions

The Problem is Data

Real-world architectures are different from code samples and small examples, and as we build more complex and mature Serverless architectures, we often encounter unexpected challenges.

This talk will start by discussing the challenges involved in building data processing architectures using stateless infrastructures. We'll review patterns from event-driven architectures, see how they apply to Serverless architectures and propose practical solutions to common pain-points.

Gwen Shapira, Confluent

Ben Kehoe.jpg

Ben Kehoe, iRobot

The Hardest Part of Serverless: The Serverless Native Mindset

Serverless architecture is a fantastic enabler for lean teams, smaller bills, and more robust systems, but its fundamental advantage is that it allows your organization to focus on creating business value, not solving technology problems. However, gaining this advantage involves giving up control over your technology stack in favor of managed services, and this organizational aspect is more difficult than any of the technological hurdles faced by serverless developers. In this talk, I'll explain how to adopt a mindset that embraces serverless and why, in spite of these pitfalls, serverless architecture is absolutely worth the effort.


Serverless real use cases and best practices

Let's take a look at real cases from Microsoft customers worldwide to learn how they solved their problems with the Azure serverless platform, as well as best practices (and some caveats) from the architectures used developing these solutions.

Asavari Tayal, Microsoft


Chase Douglas, Stackery

Is Serverless The New Swiss Cheese? Managing the Gaps In The Serverless Development Lifecycle

Serverless is great, but there are still many holes in the software development lifecycle for serverless projects. How are access and permissions managed when there are so many more resources than before? How can a team collaborate when there is only one shared AWS account? How do you perform integration testing? This talk will provide solutions the serverless community is converging towards for many of these common challenges.

How to make the most of container reuse in AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda’s Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) saves developer time by removing the need to manage infrastructure and scaling. During this talk, Angela will demonstrate the powers and pitfalls of setting up your lambdas the right way. By following these best practices in your code, you can improve the running time and efficiencies of lambda functions. Connecting to other services such as databases are expensive operations and handling these tasks correctly can shave the execution time to a fraction of the cold start value - especially valuable in a real-time context. Angela Razzell is a Senior Data Engineer at Capital One, currently working on a messaging application in Retail Direct Bank.


Angela Razzell, Capital One

Tyler Love.jpg

Tyler Love, Bustle

Adopting Serverless with 80-Million Users

This talk focuses on the story of adopting Serverless at Bustle Digital Group. I will talk about our product and goals and how Serverless wasn't just imposed on our team but won over traditional approaches to architecture holistically. My talk starts with a story of the caveats faced with existing architecture and how incrementally we wound up on the bleeding edge.

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